Tortuguero is a very secluded place. This is perfect for recharging batteries and disconnecting from the routine. However, this isolation asks for good planning. The town is small and, even though you can find in it all necessary items for living, it still lies in the middle of the jungle and at least two hours away from the nearest town. Therefore, it's important to plan which personal belongings should be brought.

Bear in mind there are no ATMs on place. Most restaurants, shops and hotels accept credit cards but you should plan to bring cash for tips, fruits or snacks.

This is our selection of the most beautiful places in which you can enjoy some nature-filled holidays. There's no air conditioning or fancy stuff but you'll surely won't mind given all the smiles you'll get (from yourself and everyone else around).

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or need assistance!

Tortuguero is a magical place. Wild as it is, it's fundamental to find a safe place to stay. Find your home in the middle of the jungle.

Pack wisely. Tortuguero is a remote place so you won't find much luxury. Part of its charm lies in its difficult accessibility. The closest city is Cariari and it's 2.5 hours away. Therefore, basic planification is fundamental before getting to Tortuguero from San José or any other place.


Pachira Lodge is strategically located. It's only 5 minutes away from Tortuguero National Park. It offers captivating view of the main canal and it's surrounded by scenic images of one of the most exotic regions in the world.

Pachira Lodge boasts

  • 88 comfortable guest rooms
  • A 14 hectares' property
  • Rooms with private bathroom, hot water and fans
  • Buffet-style meals
  • An awesome bar
  • Optional tours

Give them a call at: (+506) 2257-2242 / (+506) 2256-6340 / (+506) 2256-7080 / (+506) 8830-9956

Send an e-mail at: /

Pachira Lodge Tortuguero
Pachira Lodge Tortuguero

Located on the northeastern corner of Tortuguero, this lodge is 5-minutes away from the main entrance to Tortuguero National Park. It is accessible only by air or water. This B&B is surrounded by captivating views, soothing trees and tropical lush.

Evergreen Lodge boasts 55 comfortable and spacious rooms with private bathrooms, hot water and ceiling fans.

Within the property you will also find a swimming pool, a tasty restaurant and a bar.

Give them a call at: (+506) 2222–6841 / (+506) 2222–6840 / (+506) 2222–6851

Fax: (+506) 2257-7742

Evergreen Lodge
Evergreen Lodge

The Aninga lodge is strategically located only 5 minutes away from the extraordinary Tortuguero National Park and right across the main canal, facing the town of Tortuguero. Surrounded by a network of picturesque canals, it is considered one of the most exotic regions in the world with its richest flora and fauna. Tortuguero is one of Costa Rica's treasures and is known as the Little Amazon and the most important place for the Green sea turtle nesting.

Surrounded by a network of the scenic canals, this Lodge is located in one of the most exotic regions of the world, characterized by its rich flora and fauna.

This lovely lodge has 32 comfortable spacious bungalows with comfortable beds, private bathrooms, hot water and ceiling fans, also there is a beautiful swimming pool.

Aninga Lodge has an excellent restaurant and bar service and we also offer bilingual guided tours throughout the Tortuguero area.

While designing the place, our priority was to respect the environment, that's why 80% of the hotel is constructed 1.5 m (5 feet) above the ground. Restaurant, bungalows and walking trails are built on stilts, it allows not only to protect the natural habitat of animals but also lets you enjoy the panoramic view of the tropical rainforest. Moreover our determination to preserve the environment inspired us to create a Water Treatment Plant that prevents contamination of the waters in the area.

Also we have the most beautiful SPA in all Tortuguero! It is located on the very shore of the main Canal. While admiring the incredible view, you can enjoy a relaxing massage. The Pachira Group is proud to invite you to our SPA.

Call Us: (+506) 2256-8080 / (+506) 2256-8181

Fax (+506) 2223-1119

Aninga Lodge
Aninga Lodge

The front yard of Mawamba Lodge is the Tortuguero canal and its backyard is the Caribbean Ocean. This sets the mood for a fantastic stay.

Enhance your trip by taking advantage of the following perks:

  • Daily departures from San José (no minimum of passengers required)
  • In-site Mawamba Park with butterflies, iguanas and frogs. Free entrance for guests.
  • WI-FI for guests at designated areas of the lodge.
  • Relaxing spots: swimming pool, bar, entertainment areas (football, pool, beach volleyball court and table games), private trails and cafeteria.

Contact Mawamba at: (+506) 2293-8181 / Fax: (+506) 2239-7657



Rana Roja Lodge is located next to the Tortuguero National Park. Its rooms consist of simple lodging cabins equipped with hot water. Its harmonious construction is seamlessly integrated with nature.

This Tortuguero lodge counts with 5 bungalow-style cabins and 12 spacious rooms. All of the areas were designed and decorated by local craftsmen, respecting the native culture and style. Bedrooms are equipped with ceiling fans and a safety box. Each can host up to 4 guests.

There's also a charming restaurant, laundry service and a 24-hour Internet café. You can also rent boats, kayaks and canoes or book a serene day in the spa. If you're more into adventure, enjoy one of its hiking trails.

Contact: (+506) 2223-1926 / (+506) 2709-8260


Rana Roja Hotel
Rana Roja Hotel

Manatus Hotel is one of the most exquisite places to stay in Tortuguero. It was constructed for lavish lifestyle amidst one of the most exotic regions of Costa Rica.

Manatus is a luxurious hotel for discerning guests looking for VIP service. Its rooms reflect beauty, comfort and inspiration. This is your best choice if you're eager to enjoy nature without sacrificing comfort. Relax your senses, the Manatus staff will take care of everything else.

Book here: (+506) 2239-7364 / (+506) 2709-8197

Manatus Hotel
Manatus Hotel

Located 1 mile north of the Tortuguero town, Tortuga Lodge is a relaxing place with:

  • 27 rooms, 11 terrace rooms, 12 rooms with balconies and amazing views, 2 suites and 1 penthouse. All with free wireless Internet.
  • Customized and caring service.
  • Silence. Nature sounds are exalted here.
  • Traditional food. At Tortuga Lodge you can find typical dishes, just exactly what a Costa Rican grandmother would cook if she went for a modern route, of course.
  • Quiet, laid-back and peaceful atmosphere.
  • A Caribbean-themed bar with amazing cocktails (expect for something way more extraordinary than just a piña colada).

Lodge: (+506) 2709-8136

Office: (+506) 2257-0766

Fax: (+506) 2257-1665

Tortuga Hotel
Tortuga Hotel

Turtle Beach Lodge in Tortuguero National Park is a secluded hotel with 175 acres of vegetation. It encompasses miles of jungle trails, a private canal and half a mile of isolated beaches.

Turtle Beach Lodge's cabins feature cozy beds, ceiling fans, private baths with hot water and wide windows that let the ocean breeze and the jungle sounds drench the spaces and your senses. Rooms are available in different sizes to accomodate families, single persons or couples.

The chef and staff of this Tortuguero Lodge fuse international cuisine with local gastronomy to create amazing buffets (three per day). The choices are varied and even the most picky eaters will be satisfied.

Contact Turtle Beach Lodge at: (+506) 2241-1419 / (+506) 8837-6969 (After hours)


Tortuga Beach
Tortuga Beach

This small and intimate lodge offers customized service. The owner remains on site to guarantee great attention. The cabins are nestled by the jungle with simple yet cozy rooms with bathrooms and large windows.

Toucan & tarpon Lodge
Toucan & tarpon Lodge

Contact Us

Phones: (+506) 8408-4239 / (+506) 8524-1804


Baula Lodge in Tortuguero is a rustic place for an exotic stay. It was built during the 80's and it was remodeled by the Valverde family in 2010.

It offers 45 standard rooms with ceiling fans, reading lamps, balconies and private bathrooms with hot water. It also boasts a bar, a restaurant, a swimming pool, fast Internet connection, security boxes and tour assistance. The gardens surrounding the abode are filled with wildlife. You may find spider monkeys, sloths, toucans, manakins, trogons and a huge variety of flowers and awe-inspiring plants.

Consider the Baula Lodge as your second home away from home.

La Baula Lodge
La Baula Lodge


Conveniently situated in the center of Tortuguero and about 50 meters away from the sea, this hostel offers 8 comfortable rooms surrounded by beautiful gardens.

Spacious common areas, a nice kitchen and peaceful atmosphere complement the place.

Contact: (+506) 2767-2246 / (+506) 8482-5292

Aracari Garden Hostel and Cabinas
Aracari Garden Hostel and Cabinas

These cabinas are located next to the placid Tortuguero beach. There are many lodging options, including private or shared bathrooms and kitchen facilities. Choose the option most suitable for you.

The place offers many hammocks and a beautiful ocean view.

Prices are very convenient:

Cabinas: (about $12 USD) per person.

Apartment with kitchen: (about $15 USD) per person.

Contact Cabinas Balcón del Mar at: (+506) 2709-8124 / (+506) 2767-7412 / (+506) 8870-6247

Cabinas Balcón del Mar
Cabinas Balcón del Mar

This hostel is located in Tortuguero Beach, a great site for watching turtle hatchings. Free WI-FI access is available all throughout the construction.

Only 900 meters away from the Tortuguero National Park, rooms in Paisajes del Tortuguero exhibit great balconies.

The place also offers a patio and a captivating terrace. The 24-hour front desk will be ready to help you with any of your needs. A shared kitchen is available as well as laundry service.

Cabinas Paisajes del Tortuguero
Cabinas Paisajes del Tortuguero

This natural paradise is perfect for relaxation. The staff offers plenty of tours that will allow you to experience the Caribbean culture first hand.

Contact: (+506) 2709-8114 / (+506) 8839-1200

Send them an email at:

Address: 200 meters north of the National Park entrance, across from Supermarket Bambu, in Tortuguero village.

Cabinas Tortuguero
Cabinas Tortuguero

If you are on a budget but you're still looking for a beautiful view of the river, this is a great option.

Economic cabinas with hot water, fans and televisions.

Price: USD $30 per room.

For reservations, call Alan Soto, the owner, at: (+506) 2709-8110 or (+506) 8826-6246.

Cabinas Tropical Lodge
Cabinas Tropical Lodge

Comfortable and secure lodging in the middle of the jungle. High quality service at great prices, this is a perfect lace for groups or individuals.

Lodging includes: cozy rooms, hot water, private bathrooms and TV at bargain prices starting at USD $15.

Call them at: (+506) 2709-8104 or (+506) 8888-0585 or e-mail them at:

Cabinas El Muellecito
Cabinas El Muellecito

Located on the beach, close to the Tortuguero National Park, this place includes: non-smoking rooms, ocean view, swimming pool, WI-FI access, on-site restaurant, hammocks, a serene patio, hot water, fans and laundry service.

Reach them at: or (+506) 2709-8044.

Cabinas  El Icaco
Cabinas  El Icaco

Clean cabinas right next to the beach. They offer private bathrooms, hot water anf fans.

Beautiful restaurant, nice aesthetics and peaceful balconies where you can drink some tea, a beer or read a book.

Booking: (+506) 2709-8002 / (+506) 8831-4364 / (+506) 8821-2037.

Cabinas Miss Miriam 1
Cabinas Miss Miriam 1

Rooms with private bathrooms, hot water and fans. All rooms are spacious, cleand and safe. WI-FI Internet is available as well as laundry service and other renting options.

Contact: (+506) 2709-8107 / Mobile: (+506) 8873-2671 or (+506) 8927-3876


Cabinas Miss Miriam 2
Cabinas Miss Miriam 2

Perfectly located just 400m away from Tortuguero National Park, this lodging option will suit your basic needs.

Shared kitchen and tours are available. Among them, fishing, hiking and canoeing activities.

Beachfront rooms with all necessary amenities and a friendly staff waiting to serve you.


Meryscar is a traditional spot. The owners of the place are also your hosts. They will provide you with a friendly and caring service.

types of accomodations are offered: rooms with private bathrooms, others with shared bathroom, hostel accomodation for groups and garden area for camping (bring your own gear!).

Prices: Prices range from USD $7 to USD $9 per person. Camping costs USD $5 per guest. Prices are the same for locals or foreigners and do not vary whether it's high or low season


Visit them: They are located 200 meters south of the Tortuguero Clinic

Email address:

Telephone: (+506) 2709-8202


This Tortuguero B&B portrays the laid-back Caribbean lifestyle.

Clean and comfortable lodgings, right in the middle of the village.

Reach them at: (+506) 8833-0827 / (+506) 2709-8011

Casa Marbella Bed and Breakfast
Casa Marbella Bed and Breakfast

La Casona is in the heart of Tortuguero village. It's 50 steps away from the main street and about 50 feet from the beach.

This business is run by a Costa Rican family that fell in love with Tortuguero 10 years ago. A warm welcome and a big smile is always offered.

La Casona consists of nice accomodations, a restaurant, a laundry, a ticket sales' hub, an area with hammocks and plenty of serene spaces for reading or having fun in a soothing environment.

La Casona
La Casona

Call us: (+506) 2709-8092 / (+506) 2709-8047 / (+506) 8860-0453 / (+506) 8816-8491 / (+506) 8341-1359.

E-mail: /

Location: Along the north side of the soccer field, Tortuguero, Limón, Costa Rica.