You'll never be the same again after Tortuguero

Tortuguero is a small town and national park located on the Caribbean coast of northern Costa Rica. This beautiful place rises above and beyond the chaos of modern life. Tortuguero’s inhabitants are mostly inmigrants from many countries that fell in love with the biological diversity of the area. Indeed, the territory boasts several habitats and ecosystems that attract nature lovers from all around the globe.

Arriving to Tortuguero is an unforgettable experience by itself. Tortuguero is reached only through boat or airplane. Its isolated condition allows turtles to use its grounds for nesting. Many species of turtles can be seen all throughout, including baula, caguama, green and carey turtles. As if this wasn’t enough, the forests of Tortuguero are the home of more than 2600 plant species and exotic animals.

Open your soul, recharge your batteries and experience life in its wildest form.

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